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Meet the Current 2020-2021 Officers

Jason Reggie | President

Meet Jason! He's a 6th year ESET major and our current president. He oversees all our events and meetings for SCETA.


Anger Agoth | VICE President

Meet Anger! She's a 4th year ESET major and she's our current vice president. She's a first-generation college student and an inspiring young engineer. She hopes that one day she can give back to her community along with encouraging young girls to join the STEM field. In her free time, Anger enjoys running, hiking, reading, and watching Netflix. 


Jenn Sloane | Secretary

Meet Jenn! She's a computer engineer and is currently our secretary. She emails all of you guys about events and workshops we are hosting.


Derik Canion | Treasurer

Meet Derik! He's a 3rd year ESET major and he's our current treasurer. He is handling all the funds for SCETA.


Baron Eiley | Outreach

Meet Baron! He's a 4th year ESET major and he's our current outreach and he'll also be helping out our 3D tech. He'll be planning all the socials we are hosting.


Christiana Erendira | Social Media

Meet Erin! She's a 2nd year computer engineering major and she's our current social media. She makes all the flyers and posters and posts them on Instagram and any other social media platform. She'll keep you guys in the loop for all SCETA's events and workshops.


Anthony Majano | E-council

Meet Anthony! He's our current e-council rep. He's our connection to the engineering council. He attends all their meeting and keeps us in the loop of what is going on.


Thu Nguyen | Project Lead

Meet Thu! She's an electrical engineering major and she's our current project lead! She organizes and hosts all our workshops.


Julian Bustamante | 3D Tech

Meet Julian! He's a 4th year ESET major and he's our current 3D technician! He does everything that has to do with 3D printing. Sadly we cannot access our 3D printer now due to covid but you can always ask him any questions regarding 3D printing.


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