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Get your parts printed at a competitive, low price with the convenience of on-campus service.

3D Printing 



Base cost - $15

  • Cost based on complexity and size

  • SCETA membership will eliminate base cost

Flat rate of $5.00 per printing hour

  • Higher quality prints will require more time

Due to circumstances beyond our control, SCETA will not be available to provide our 3D printing services during Spring Semester 2021. 

Submit Your Design 


All order submissions are to be sent via email to

When submitting your design, please include:

  • First and last name

  • Email

  • Cell Phone Number

  • Quality

    • Low

    • Medium

    • High    

  • Filament/Material and color

    • ABS

      • Black (AVAILABLE)

      • Green (AVAILABLE)

      • Red (AVAILABLE)

    • PLA

      • Green (AVAILABLE)

      • Natural (AVAILABLE)

      • Pink (AVAILABLE)

      • Red (AVAILABLE)

      • Silver (AVAILABLE)

      • Sky Blue (AVAILABLE) 

  • And of course, don't forget to submit your file.

    • The design cannot exceed the print envelope of 300 mm x 200 mm x 178 mm (W x L x H). 

    • Please send you file as a .stl file



What is 3D printing? 

3D printing is known by many names - additive fabrication, solid free form fabrication, rapid prototyping and more. It is the process of making a three-dimensional object by building very thin layers of material on top of each other. This is the opposite of more traditional manufacturing techniques, such as carving, machining, or laser cutting, where material is removed to create a form.

The process begins first with the digital 3D model being sliced into super-thin cross sectional layers. The printer then prints these layers one at a time from the bottom up until the model is complete. Build or support material, such as a powder or wax, is used to hold parts of the object that overhang and is cleaned off the final model once it is complete.

You can get more information about 3D printing at this site

How long will my order take to complete? 

3D printing orders made from ABS plastic will generally be completed within 1-3 business days. However, a long queue may affect the standard completion time.

Quality is one of our biggest priorities and may also play a significant role in affecting the completion time. In general, lower quality prints will follow our expected processing time of 1-3 business days while higher quality prints may or may not take longer.

There is no shipping. Therefore, you may pick up your part as soon as it is available. 

How is pricing calculated? 

The basic calculation is one-time base of $5-$15 + cost per hour.

The one-time base price of $5-$15 is dependant on print size and complexity.

It is competitively priced and covers labor & maintenance.

Pricing per hour is a flat rate of $7.50, but higher quality prints take longer to print. 

What kind of materials can you print? 


We currently print ABS and PLA filament. 

What size restrictions are there? 

Our max build envelope is 12" x 8" x 7" or 300 mm x 200 mm x 178 mm (W x L x H). 

What software can I use? 

You can use most 3D design software. Example software:

  • OnShape (free)

  • Solidworks (available on engineering computers)

  • Autodesk (professional software)

  • Most other CAD software should be acceptable.

Who can I contact for more information? 

We have a dedicated team of 3D technicians to help answer all the questions you may have via or in-person at building 9, room 257.

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