Since its founding in 1983, SCETA has aided engineering students in becoming holistic engineers and enriched the college experience for its members.

Our Essentials

  • Professional networking through industry sessions and maintaining strong alumni connections

  • Development of leadership, communication, and organization skills through professional workshops

  • Hands-on reinforcement through group projects & technical workshops


Our Programs & Outreach

SCETA strives to participate in and maintain as many programs & outreach activities as possible. Currently, we have one solid program with the help of GRID Alternatives, which provides our members and other volunteers of this non-profit organization a memorable & industry-valued experience while bringing the benefits of solar technology to communities that would not otherwise have access, providing needed savings for low-income families, preparing workers & members like us for jobs in the rapidly-growing solar industry, and contributing to a greener future.

GRID Alternatives is an organization that believes a successful transition to clean, renewable energy needs to include everyone. They work across the United States and in Nicaragua to make renewable energy technology and job training available to underserved communities. SCETA is proud to be a partner with this non-profit organization, and the Inland Empire program has built a strong foundation into our organization's mission to provide valuable skills & experiences and a strong industrial network to our members. Here at SCETA we provide about 2-3 volunteer groups year-round, but you are always welcome to join the effort anytime outside of our organization as well. If you are interested in getting involved with SCETA, then stay tuned for announcements throughout the year as we prepare our next installations to contribute to a greener future.

Website: http://gridalternatives.org

Inland Empire Contact: Cynthia Corrales
E-mail: ccorrales@gridalternatives.org

SCETA Officer Contact: Events & Development Officer
E-mail: sceta.events@gmail.com

SCETA Officer Contact: Industry Representative
E-mail: sceta.industry@gmail.com

Innovative Tech Expo

Since 2014, SCETA has aimed higher to give our student engineers bigger and better with the Innovative Tech Expo where both members and non-members alike can see for themselves a world of technology that yields endless possibilities annually during the Spring academic quarter. As a child of the Alternative Vehicles Exposition from years past, this inspiring event aims to showcase some of the world's cutting edge technology that expands beyond alternatives vehicles into a world of 3D printing, robotics, and other consumer electronics.

If you want to:

  • showcase your awesome technology

  • contribute to the event's success by volunteering

  • offer great suggestions

  • ... or more

then we want to hear from YOU!


Please don't hesiate to contact our Events & Development Officer at sceta.events@gmail.com.

Alternative Vehicles Exposition

Since its inception in 2011, SCETA has been hosting the Alternative Vehicles Exposition on the Cal Poly Pomona campus to spread awareness about the growing industry of alternative vehicles specializing in hybrid, all-electric, fuel-cell, and solar-cell technology, just to name a few. We aspire to inspire our student engineers about the possibilities and the viability of alternative vehicles for the future and show that they too can be the ones engineering the next generation of greener solutions.

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Engineering Council Representative
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Media & Outreach
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Special Projects

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Lead 3D Technician
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Our Leadership

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