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2nd General Meeting (Spring 2014)


Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014



U-Hour (12:00 - 1:00 PM)



Building 9, Room 247



Recent News

  • [2/25/14] 3D Design Contest
    • As you may have heard, SCETA recently acquired a 3D printer and thought that it would be fun to hold a contest for a 3D design.
    • The winner will have their design printed, and the others will have the opportunity to get their design printed at the SCETA member discounted price.
    • The requirements are as followed:
      • The design cannot exceed the print envelope: 300 mm x 200 mm x 178 mm (W x D x H). It is recommended to scale to half of the print envelope. (In essence, keep it pretty small!)
      • Send only .STL files. No solidworks or sketchup files please.
    • Please be aware that objects such as solid blocks will not be completely filled on the inside and will be more of a waffle-like fill.
    • Refer to this tutorial to help you prepare a design for the contest, and please send them to our secretary at sceta.secretary@gmail.com.
    • Have fun and good luck!

  • [2/13/14] Updates: JPL Tour
    • The JPL Tour is now confirmed, and is still on Friday, February 21st from 10 AM to approximately 12 PM.
    • For more information, please head over to the Tours page.

  • [2/11/14] Airwolf 3D Printer Tour
    • If you are still interested in the Airwolf 3D Printer Tour, it has been set for this Friday, February 14th at 4:30 PM. Please e-mail our secretary at sceta.secretary@gmail.com if you do plan on attending.
    • The tour will be fairly short (approximately 1 hour at most) and it will be located in Costa Mesa.
    • If you cannot attend this Friday, do not worry. They are very open to working with us and will allow us to plan another tour if you are still interested.

  • [1/31/14] JPL Tour
    • SCETA has landed a tour date for JPL on Friday, February 21st. There is no defined time yet, but be prepared to clear out the day's schedule.
    • If you are interested, please e-mail Carlos Cordova at sceta.president@gmail.com most preferably by tonight, Friday, January 31, 2014.

  • [1/10/14] GRID Solar Installation Updates
    • SCETA's Winter Quarter solar installation is set for next Saturday, January 18th.
    • For more information, please check your e-mails for the details sent out by the SCETA president and respond back to the provided address with the required information before midnight on Monday, January 13th to participate. Also, you can check out the Activities page for more basic information.

  • [12/12/13] Designed and built by students!
    • A perfect Christmas gift. Buy it assembled or in a kit. Show off and support what Engineering Technology is all about.
    • Available in gift box sets: Assembled or Kit (Soldering Required) (Buy Here)
    • Contact sceta.events@gmail.com or come by the SCETA room in Building 9, Room 262 for more information.
    • Ornament Kit Assembly Instructions: (Here)


    Christmas Ornament Flyer


  • [11/16/13] The soldering workshop was a sucess! If you would like more details or would like to contact a SCETA officer, please e-mail the SCETA secretary at sceta.secretary@gmail.com.

  • [10/31/13] Please help donate to the Grid Alternatives fundraiser at this link and share if you can to help us provide you with the best financial situation for your participation! All funds will be applied towards installing solar panels for low-income households and minimizing participant costs. If you would like more information on the program, please visitthe Grid Alternatives website via the banner on the left.

  • [10/31/13] Fall 2013: 3rd SCETA General Meeting

  • [10/30/13] T-shirt designs must be submitted by the next meeting on Thursday, November 14, 2013. Please e-mail your designs to sceta.treasurer@gmail.com whenever you are ready to submit them. You can view the previous T-shirt designs over at the Gallery for reference.

  • [10/20/13] You may have noticed some new features and small fixes here-and-there with the website. Check the website frequently to stay on top of the latest information and events via the news and updated Events pages, and also feel free to use the resources we have for you via the Resources page.

  • [10/17/13] Fall 2013: 2nd SCETA General Meeting

  • [10/3/13] Fall 2013: 1st SCETA General Meeting

  • [8/27/13] Free registration for CES 2014 ended today on September 27, 2013. The price has now gone up to $100, so if you still would like to go, sign up here and come to our meetings for more information.


  • [8/26/13] Bronco Fusion 2013 was a success!


  • [8/26/13] If you want to be a member, go ahead and sign up here. If you haven't already done so, please feel free to browse through our website and see what we are all about.

  • [8/26/13] Please go ahead and like our Facebook page for updated information.

  • [8/26/13] If you are one of the club officers we talked to and you have questions or concerns, please go ahead and e-mail our secretary at sceta.secretary@gmail.com.

  • [8/26/13] The ECET bulletin sign is now complete. If you have walked across the 2nd floor of building 9, you will have seen the colorful sign we posted up this summer.